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Plan Ahead with the Trust & Wealth Management Conference

Trust & Wealth Management Conference

26-27 September 2019

The Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale

Trust and wealth management bankers, from small to large financial institutions, are invited to attend a two-day conference at the Ritz-Carlton in sunny Fort Lauderdale. The Trust & Wealth Management Conference is held annually and aims to address the most pressing issues facing the trust and wealth industry.

Organized by the Florida Bankers Association, the conference has gathered a retinue of industry-leading consultants. This panel is well-versed in the legal proceedings surrounding the changing environment of trust and wealth management and will provide important information and sound strategies to support bankers in slump recovery.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Assisted Reproductive Technology

The first session of the two-day event will be led by Bruce Stone, Shareholder, Goldman, Felcoski & Stone, P.A. concerning the process of estate and trust administration in regards to children conceived through assisted reproductive technology (ART).

The United States hosts nearly 2% of the children born annually are conceived through assisted reproductive technology (ART). ART is a method that uses a surgical procedure to help would-be parents start a family. It’s a method that has seen a double in its application over the last ten years.

The current laws surrounding ART children provide a vague outline of how these potential estates should be managed but leave much to be desired when consulting parents who have stored genetic material that can be used to conceive biological children even after death.

Basis After the 2017 Act


As income tax becomes more pertinent in estate planning, Lester Law, Director, Franklin Karibjanian & Law PLLC, will cover the basics of basis, the value assigned to an asset that is sold or transferred to determine whether a gain or loss was incurred, and see how the current economic climate is being affected.

He will also cover the new strategies on how exploit basis in order to monetize on the income tax basis rules.

Cyber Estate Planning and Digital Assets

The third session will cover the new industry of Cyber Estate Planning and Digital Assets, and will host a panel consisting of:

  • Panel Moderated by Sasha Klein, JD, LLM, Partner, Ward Damon
  • Travis Hayes, Shareholder, Grant Fridkin Pearson
  • Mark Parthemer, Senior Fiduciary Counsel, Bessemer Trust Company
  • Lee Poskanzer, CEO, Directive Communication Systems

The aim of the panel is to discuss and dissect the multifaceted aspects of advancing technology. The discussion will include educating the attendees about the procedural changes concerning electronic notarization and electronic wills.

Then attendees will be given strategic advice concerning the transfer of digital assets, with a strong focus on how the Florida Fiduciary Access to Digital Asset Act affects fiduciaries.

What is Disrupting Wealth Management and What You Need to do About It

Mike Tropeano, CFA, Solution Architect, Wealth Management & Trust Division, FIS, leads the fourth session and will cover how alternative firms, technology and the newer generation are creating competition in the wealth management marketplace.

Why We Do What We Do…And How To Stop

The fifth presentation is conducted by Gerard J. Lachnicht, CFA, Managing Principal, Sabal Trust Company, and will delve into the decision-making process of people. His segment will focus on some of the cognitive pitfalls that trap people and will offer techniques that can be utilized to make sounder decisions.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Economic Update

The second day of the seminar kicks off with Donald Luskin, Chief Investment Officer, TrendMacro, will cover the current economic conditions. He will explore how the current zeitgeist of nationalism, coupled with a trade war between the world’s two economic superpowers will affect the future U.S. elections.

Planning and Drafting for Pets

Peggy Hoyt, Founding Partner, The Law Offices of Hoyt & Bryan, LLC, finishes up the conference with a presentation concerning estate planning for pets. Over five hundred thousand pets are euthanized every year due to negligence in estate planning. Despite the many benefits offered by pets, the welfare after our deaths is hardly put onto paper, leaving many to be disposed of by local clinics. Hoyt will address how to cover everyone in the family, even those with tails.

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