Embrace the Arts at the Las Olas Art Fair

Las Olas Art Fair

19-20 Oct 2019

Riverside Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, USA

Art lovers will be pleased to hear that 32nd Annual Las Olas Art Fair (Fort Lauderdale, FL), is fast approaching this weekend, Oct. 19-20, 2019. The fair will host a multitude of artists and sculptors that everyone is welcomed to meet.

It’s a real treat for Fort Lauderdale to host on of the top 100 art festivals in the U.S., as hundreds flock to the Las Olas Art Fair, making it most-go if you’re in the area. The event will allow you to meet with the artist and creators displaying their works. You’ll be able to experience the creativity that goes into a piece as you pick the brains of the artist about their style, the pricing, and their inspiration.

The art show will have something for everyone!

Is there an entrance fee

The Las Olas Art Fair is free and has never charged admission fees. Whether this is your first or thirtieth festival, all are free to attend.

Who are the artists

To create the best experience for the festival, every artist and crafter that had applied to exhibit has been thoroughly cultivated by a jury. If you want to see some of the artists that have been selected to showcase their work you can see them here.

Every artist that has a booth will be there to answer any questions that you may have, and they’ll be manning their booth for the entire duration of the fair.

Is the Las Olas Art Fair Pet-Friendly

If you have a pooch that loves post-modern expressionism, then they are definitely welcomed! If they have other artistic interest, well, they’re still invited. Howard Alan Events and American Craft Endeavors have made the festival open to all canine friends of the arts as long as they are well trained, friendly, and on a leash, then they can enjoy the show by your side.

What can you expect from the festival

The fair has continually held a high standard of bringing together the finest collection of the arts. There is something for everyone, ranging from intricate hand-made jewellery that you can wear anywhere to immaculate sculptors that you may have to take a mortgage out to afford.

If you’re looking for an intimate ring or a wall-sized painting, you can find it at the Las Olas Art Fair. All of the work is handmade as the fair doesn’t allow buy-sell, kits or mass-produced products of any kind to be exhibited.

What can you do when you’re not embracing the arts

Situated on Las Olas Boulevard, the jewel of Fort Lauderdale, you’ll be able to enjoy the fair and all the city has to offer. You’ll be able to find fantastic delicacies, beautiful scenes of oceans and mountains, and all the shopping that you could hope to experience.

Once you’ve finished enjoying the festival, you can enjoy a wonderful evening combing Las Olas Boulevard, and indulging in quaint cafes and boutiques. You can also dive into the succulent Cuban-American cuisine as they serve you the fish of the day caught that morning. If you’re in the mood for more art, then you’ll be pleased that the street is lined with more galleries that will entice you.

However, don’t forget that you’re still in Fort Lauderdale, the “Venice of America”. It’s so named due to the canal system that runs through the city. If your interest also includes maritime adventures, you’ll be happy to know that the city plays host to thousands of yachts docked across the hundred or so marinas.

If you’re here only for the arts then you’ll be happy to know that the Las Olas Art Fair is in Fort Lauderdale’s arts and entertainment district, that leads straight from the beach to bustle of downtown. While the festival isn’t held during spring break, you’ll find the city alive and full of wonder and entertainment. The city is home to hundreds of restaurants and nightclubs to keep your evening busy.

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