Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing in 2020

The Social Media Marketing Conference

13 Feb 2020

Crowne Plaza Ft. Lauderdale

It would be an understatement to say that social media has affected marketing over the last decade. What used to be a supplement to a marketing campaign as now taken over as the most prominent path to reaching new customers. Whether you’re just a small startup trying to grab hold of a little traction or a large multi-million dollar corporation, chances are, if you want to reach your audience, you’re going to go through one of the social media channels.

If you’re a novice to social media marketing or you’re just trying to stay ahead of the game, Fort Lauderdale is hosting the Social Media Marketing Conference this February, to bring you the latest news.

If you’re looking for answers as to which social media platform is going to give you the best ROI, if you’ve set realistic goals, or if you’re just trying to figure out how to make compelling content, then you shouldn’t miss the Social Media Marketing Conference held at the Crowne Plaza. With an expert panel in front of you, you’ll learn how to create campaigns that can extend your reach, increase profits, and widen your audience.

Attendees of the conference will learn how to get the most out of the most prominent social media channels by constructing organized and strategic marketing campaigns. By being aware of the latest trends, you can use the toolbox that will be provided at the conference to stay ahead of the competition. By using the tips and tricks you’ll learn at the Social Media Conference, the benefits are going to lead you to marketing success.

The sessions held will address the needs of both beginners and professionals. Depending on the area you feel needs improvement, you can choose the sessions that would most address the issues. No matter what you choose, you’ll take away a wealth of knowledge.

The Agenda

Marketing in a social world: How the customer has taken control and is changing the rules

The conference opens with mentors covering the basic premise of social media and how to maximize your efforts using it in order to reap the most benefits for your company. In this session, you’ll learn how to structure your social media goals and choose the future sessions that can have the most impact on you.

The conference is then divided into two tracks that you can switch between depending on your goals. After the opening session, you can choose to attend

Track 1: You’ve decided to jump into the world of social media – now what: This track is designed for those looking at creating effective strategies when tackling social media. By following this track, you’ll be exposed to ways that will maximize your revenue generated through the platforms, how to set up both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) business models, how to increase your brand’s presence through the various platform’s engagement methods, and how to direct traffic to your website through your company’s social media profile.

Track 2: Step up your social media presence: Network, promote, share… and profit: This track will focus on the creative side of content creation, how to utilize the various tools of social media, and where it is most effective to post depending on the type of media. It will delve into the demographics of the various platforms, how to start generating followers, and how to communicate with your audience.

Regardless of which track you pick (or switch between), the sessions are held by industry experts with real-world knowledge. The programs have been tried and tested to make sure that you’re provided with proven strategies that can optimize your social media presence. The sessions are held by experienced presenters that cut out the fluff in order to give you the most value possible.

If you’re a marketing professional or are a newbie looking at how to share your content, then you need to make sure you’re at the Crowne Plaza in Fort Lauderdale for the Social Media Conference.

Once you’ve learned about the latest trends and techniques for the evolving world of social media, you may want to strike while the iron is hot and jump-start your business’s social media presence by implementing the solutions presented. Since trends are constantly changing, the best way you can do that is by renting office space from Cruiseport to work on your business while in Fort Lauderdale.

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